What Is The Best Investment Vehicle

If you want to buy Gold as an investment, you should do just as much research as you would do when you are thinking of investing into any particular stock. Buying gold is not as simple as one thinks. There are many ways of investing in gold. One could buy physical gold, which comes in gold bars or bullion gold coins. A most common form of physical gold that we get to see is gold jewelry – gold bracelets, earrings, wedding rings, lockets, necklaces, just to name a few. Physical gold is also melted into ingots of bars of varying weights (ounces or grams, depending on where they are made). The gold bars are rated in accordance with their purity with the 24-carat gold bar having the highest purity.

Gold has been considered an attractive investment as it is perceived as a safe place to put one’s money in times of political as well as economic crises. During an inflation or deflation or when there is a massive devaluation of a country’s currency, gold has usually withstood economic, financial and fiscal pressures and provided a stable and secure investment. Nevertheless, gold is also subject to variations in market conditions, changes in international politics as well as the perennial issue of demand and supply. For example, if a gold producing country is slapped with sanctions restricting its trade to another country which happens to be one of its major buyer of its gold, then this would have implications in the gold market and hence the price of gold.

It may be argued that gold is therefore the best investment because of its stability and hedge against inflation, it is not unlike other forms of investment. There are inherent risks. For many years, the price of gold hardly moved. If anyone has spent his entire savings in buying gold bars or gold certificates at that time, s/he may not have realized any gains or profits as the price of gold did not rise. While the investor did not lose any money but if the money had been invested in a savings account or a certificate of deposit, s/he would have accumulated some interest payments on the deposit. Instead, the investment in gold resulted in nil gains.

Investment is a matter of timing as well. The age-old adage of “buy low, sell high” applies. But the question on the lips of every investor is when is low and when is high. There are plenty of investment experts and analysts will give you all kinds of opinions and reports. Some will tell you that the market is due for a correction, meaning the price is too high and is ready to move downwards. Others will allude to the fact that there are still strong fundamentals and there is still room for the upward trend to continue. Therefore, as an investor, when you read the investment reports and analysis, it may not be of much help. If you choose to follow the first report and sell at what is seemingly a price that is already to high but instead it still continues to go up, you wished you had waited.

Morgan Dollars: A Collector’s Choice

Are you coin collector? If you re then have you ever heard of Morgan Dollars already? Well, for sure you have already heard about these dollars simply because they are popular and come with high qualities and characteristics, making them as a well-loved type of coin which is collected by many coin collectors all over the world today. This dollar that bears the name Morgan is simply one of the most popular among the various types of American coins which have circulated in the country through the years.

Morgan Dollars – the History

If you are going to look through the history of these coins, you will definitely discover that their history is as amazing and fascinating as their appeal. It was in the year 1859 when Virginia City’s Comstock Load was publicized. The payload for silver and gold was more than four hundred million dollars and this was then the time when the price of silver drove down. And so as for the price of silver to prop up an 1878 Act (Bland-Allison) required the treasury of the United States to buy two to four million dollars’ worth of silver bullions each month. These bullions were then made into coins.

Morgan Dollars – How Did it Get Its Name?

The United States Mint has had a chief engraver whose name was George Morgan and it was him who designed the first silver dollar coin. The design of the coin depicts Lady Liberty’s head on one side and an eagle on the other side. This coin was indeed beautiful and fascinating and as of the present days, countless coin collectors are opting for this particular coin of the past.

Collecting Morgan Dollars

As of the present days, many coin collectors can now have the opportunity to avail these coins and many of these come at very affordable prices. As a matter of fact, there are also those who are known to be serious investors and they can actually purchase rare and one-of-a-kind coins by spending only about six figures. It was in the early ‘60s when the United States government has had a lot of silver coins. This has triggered the government to sell a thousand pieces of coins for a thousand dollars. The bags that contain these coins also contain rare coins so more and more people took their time to buy these bugs from the government treasury. Morgan Dollars it was the General Services Administration which sold the remaining Morgan Dollars which also included the ones which were minted in the city of Carson and this took place during the ‘70s. These coins were generally packaged in black holders and such coins have also been made known by the name of GSAs which are indeed very collectible.

Are you a coin collector and you simply want to collect rare and valuable coins such as the precious Morgan Dollars? If you are then there is a place where you can find plenty of them. Golden Eagle Coin is absolutely the best place to be as far as these coins are concerned and they can be purchased at a price so affordable

Scam-Free Ways To Buy Silver For Profitable Investment

Investment in precious metals is a lucrative and secure way to put your hard-earned money in the right place. You can buy silver coins or bullions in the form of rounds and bars to jumpstart a great investment option even in an uncertain economy. Silver is a fast-rising precious metal along with gold as well as other commodities due to its safe features for investment. However, just like any other industries, you can be potentially scammed if you buy silver especially from unlicensed and fly-by-night dealers. Hence, the key is to choose reputable and trusted precious metal dealers such as Golden Eagle Coin.

Buy Silver but Avoid these Mistakes

Buy Silver it is easy to purchase precious metals such as silver and gold especially in today’s versatile industry. However, it would certainly pay if you try to avoid some common mistakes which could jeopardize your investment and strip you of your money upfront. Here are some tips you need to learn and understand before you buy silver for your next investment ventures:

  • Beware of EFTs – Exchange-traded funds or EFTs are quite common when you buy silver to invest on. This is considered one of the simplest ways to invest your hard-earned money on precious metals however it could also be quite vulnerable to frauds and scams. For instance, EFTs is minimally regulated and in most cases, those who sell EFTs do not physically own the silver they sell. Moreover, these businesses especially unlicensed ones are not audited for silver deposits hence they risk getting bankrupt, taking your money and silver investments with them.
  • The Truth about Silver Futures – If you buy silver, be aware of what is called silver futures. Experts consider commodities futures as relentlessly risky. For instance, there are numerous scams in silver futures as brokers or brokerage companies do not actually make a leverage trade. In some cases they would tell you the silver trade could not be placed or was placed late when the prices rise to much higher rates.
  • Avoid Risks on Numismatic Investments – Investors who buy silver coins may find their investments much shakier than they imagine. Silver bullion rounds or bars are good choices however rare coin values will be subjected to the grade given to the coins and are not protected from inflation. Experts advise that you can buy silver but based on content and not on the collector’s value or rarity because you may risk losing up to 30% with unreliable dealers.
  • No Buying from Magazine or TV Adverts – If you buy silver through TV or magazine adverting, you are mostly investing on commemorative or collective silver coins. These items are oftentimes marked up five to ten times higher compared to the actual cost of the precious metal. Go for certified and licensed dealers listed by government mints.

There will always be risks if you buy silver but if you deal with the right people, you can watch your money grow. Know the precious metal investment industry first before plunging into the deep.